Unbecoming a Nurse

Unbecoming a Nurse
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No nurse ever undergoes the lengthy clinical training and educational process of becoming a nurse, contemplating that one day they will succumb to a hidden trap, so powerful, that they will jeopardize their license, health, and, possibly, their life. Yet, the widely held belief is that one in ten nurses will acquire a chemical dependency within their lifetime, potentially placing themselves, their career and others at risk. This book is about identifying that risk, before it impacts the nurse or patients; optimizing safeguards against the development of an issue; and preemptive strategies, which are proactive, rather than retrospective. Unbecoming A Nurse is for anyone who is a nurse; lives with a nurse; loves a nurse; wants to be a nurse; educates a nurse; works with a nurse; mentors a nurse; recruits a nurse; terminates a nurse; sponsors a nurse; treats a nurse; arrests a nurse; defends a nurse; prosecutes a nurse; or judges a nurse. For it is with absolute certainty that at some time each of us, without exception, will need a nurse.

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